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The Aiken County Visitors Center Has Moved! Come See Us At 133 Laurens Street NW Next To The Carriage House Inn!

Click here for the FY18 Local Tourism Development Grant Application and Guidelines. Applications are due March 3, 2017 at the Aiken County Visitors Center.

Aiken County is a great place to visit! Bordered by the beauty of the historic Savannah River and the South Edisto Fork, there's places to get your feet wet, bait a hook or simply cruise along the waterway. For those that like to stay dry, hike on one of many trails or go horseback riding on the new Langley Pond Disc Golf Park now open. The famed Hitchcock Woods, America's largest urban forest in downtown Aiken is just right for the adventurous wanderer.

Passionate about history? The Immanuel Institute will soon tell the fascinating story of our African American heritage. We are lucky enough to have two of America's few surviving brick barns, circa 1800's, right here in Aiken County, SC. We've got the only barn in America with a carriage lift, The Gaston Livery Stable. The Beech Island Agricultural Museum will soon be open in our second beautifully restored brick barn!

The Aiken County Historical Museum is a must see while you are in Aiken. Learn the story of the Winter Colonist of Aiken, colonial settlers of North Augusta, the role of Aiken County and the "the bomb plant" during the Cold War.

Of course, we've had our share of difficulties. We've endured the Revolution, the Civil War and the deadly Hamburg Massacre. Aiken County is the only county born from reconstruction.

Our history is intriguing.
Our heritage captivates all who enter this little place we call home.

Langley Pond and the Horse Creek Water Trail are currently closed for dam maintenance. Updates will be provided when they are back open.

Langley Pond Loop Trail

Langley Pond Disc Golf Park

Read more about Langley Pond, Langley Pond Loop Trail Disc Golf Park, and the scenic Horse Creek Water Trail!

Horse Creek Water Trail is currently 9 miles. Portages are located off of Posner Street in Graniteville, Langley Pond in Burnettown, and Harrison-Caver Park in Clearwater. Check out our Langley Pond Facebook Page for more information!

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